UK Construction Week: ÖÖD House

Ahead of their appearance at the Surfaces and Materials Show, designers Andreas and Jaak Tiik talk to us about their stylish modular hotel concept.


Andreas and Jaak Tiik and their stylish modular hotel concept


The Surface and Materials Show at NEC Birmingham (10–12 October) showcases cutting-edge solutions for architects, designers, developers and industry professionals. We talk to brothers Andreas and Jaak Tiik from Estonia, who have just launched ÖÖD House, an innovative and stylish modular hotel concept that will be on display at the event


ICON So where did the idea for ÖÖD come from?

Andreas and Jaak We were looking at camping options to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Most cabins are quite basic, so we were hoping for more modern options in the middle of the forest – unfortunately we did not find what we were looking for. And then we came up with the idea to create ÖÖD – an attractive hotel room located amid nature that is an experience as well as accommodation.


ICON How did you develop the design aesthetic?

A+J Our vision was to create something that wouldn’t harm its environment, but rather melt into it. Looking at the ÖÖD House from a distance, it’s hard to understand where the design ends and nature starts due to the reflection of the glass.


ICON Who do you feel will be the main customers?

A+J Anyone from developers to private clients who are looking for a summerhouse. There’s been really great interest from all around the world, and especially from places with beautiful nature looking to achieve sympathetic developments.


ICON What are the benefits?

A+J ÖÖD is a ready-made hotel room that has been developed and designed for the accommodation business. Its module design allows customers to develop entire hotel complexes from the modules, from reception and spa to restaurant, gym and conference facilities. You can expand your hotel room by room according to demand. And ÖÖD will be shipped as a pre-fabricated module, with connections on site taking about eight hours.


ICON How are things going?

A+J Much better then expected! The product was picked up by design blogs sooner then planned, and now our focus is to expand our distribution network as well as to expand our product range. And there’s been great interest from people who want to stay in ÖÖD houses – people love to experience something different – and this gives clients the confidence to invest in our modules. We have been so overwhelmed by all the crazy ideas that our customers want to bring to life in all their stunning locations. We absolutely cannot wait to help them get those projects off the ground and reach a wider audience.


UK Construction Week takes place from 10 to 12 October at NEC Birmingham



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