Industry Insiders on Their Favorite Things About Paris

At long last fashion month is over, with the final week in Paris wrapping on Tuesday. Industry insiders from all fields flocked to Paris for work (and, naturally, a bit of play). WWD caught up with various tastemakers to find out what makes the City of Light so special.


Chriselle Lim; Font:

Name: Chriselle Lim

Occupation: Owner and founder of The Chriselle Factor and Cinc Studios

What are you working on for Paris Fashion Week?

I’m here attending some of my favorite fashion shows and creating content inspired by the beautiful collections I’m seeing.

Favorite thing about Paris?

I’m always inspired by the architecture and refined beauty of the city, it always impresses me how well-maintained it is. Additionally, I love the energy of the people and the effortlessly dressed women I come across at almost every corner.



Justin Reis; Font:

Name: Justin Reis

Occupation: Head of experiential marketing at Away

What are you working on for Paris Fashion Week?

Away is on the ground launching our first-ever pop-up hotel: Chez Away at Amastan Paris. 

Favorite thing about Paris?

Honestly, being able to eat an entire baguette without judgement (mostly).


Florie Vitse; Font:

Name: Florie Vitse 

Occupation: Fashion stylist

What are you working on for Paris Fashion Week?

I worked on the Kenzo and Sonia Rykiel shows with the amazing Fran Burns.

Favorite thing about Paris?

It’s a very honest city. And all the clichés are true — the good and the bad ones.


Michael Deleasa; Font:

Name: Michael Deleasa 

Occupation: DJ/musician

What are you working on for Paris Fashion Week?

I am here in Paris to spin.

Favorite thing about Paris?

This is my first time getting to spend time in Paris, and I have fallen in love with the city and its beautiful architecture.


Rebekah Calo; Font:

Name: Rebekah Calo

Occupation: Hair stylist

What are you working on for Paris Fashion Week?

I am in Paris working with the hair team for Paul Hanlon. We’ve done six shows this season including Louis Vuitton, John Galliano and Sonia Rykiel.

Favorite thing about Paris?

R.C.: Besides the architecture and French onion soup, Paris means the end of fashion month is near — that might be what I love most.




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