Gender Neutral Playground Inspires Creativity and Intellectual Development by Combining Art and Architecture

Having trained at Yale School of Architecture, Spencer Luckey decided to pursue a slightly alternate career designing vertical climbing structures to let children’s imaginations run free. Luckey Climbers are part jungle gym, part work of art that rise up off the ground with undulating platforms sprouting out, creating an abstract space to inspire creativity and intellectual development.


Gender Neutral Playground; Source:


Luckey recognized an overall male bias towards playground equipment and strived to change that; applying predominately white platforms, the structure remains gender neutral yet forms a blank canvas for the children to establish their own narrative. The shapes remain as abstract entities waiting to be explored, fusing architecture and design with a passion for kids.


With over 80 structures across the US, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, each of them is unique to their environment as the constraints of the site inform the design. Previous projects have demonstrated their ability to mold to the existing surroundings; the Luckey Climber in the Liberty Science Centre was not permitted to touch the floor or ceiling and other cases have incurred limitations of entrances and exits.


Spencer Luckey takes pride in both the development and assembly of the climbers, his one rule is that “nothing ever leaves my office unless I love it.” As he spent many years installing the climbers himself, he is prepared for potential trials and disasters that may incur. Luckey Climbers are mostly fabricated in their shop, as they press, mill and finish the plywood panels for the internal structures.


Pictures: Gender Neutral Playground; Source:







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