Birthday Cake Croissant: Food Hype from New York

If you love croissants and funfetti cake, you'll definitely want this hybrid treat. After unveiling the cinnamon roll doughnut from New York City's Catch Restaurant, pastry chef Thiago Silva is back at it again with another drool-worthy food hybrid. Introducing: the birthday cake croissant.


Chef Thiago with the Birthday Cake Croissant, New York, 


Thiago recently revealed the colorful creation on Instagram that he's "testing out" along with a video of the final product, and it looks amazing. The Funfetti croissant has a crispy outer layer but a soft and fluffy interior that just pulls apart with ease. It seems like this creation will debut at Thiago's bakeryinside Union Fare, the newly opened restaurant/marketplace centered in Union Square, New York.



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